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** Application date for Subject Verification is over for this Term **
A Candidate can apply to the Institute (Director of Examination) within 30 days from the date of declaration of results of examination for verification of answer papers, with a fee of Rs. 250/- per paper. In case of verification of answer papers only mistake in totalling and omission to examine any answer are checked. No details of question wise marks will be supplied. However, if as a result of such verification it is found that there has been either an omission to examine or value an answer or answers or there has been a mistake in the totalling of the marks, the fee for verification for the paper in which mistakes are detected shall be refunded to the candidate on application.

The candidates are requested to submit their examination form for the coming examination within the stipulated date if they so desire without waiting for the verification results. Examination fees and / or verification fees will automatically be refunded to the students after declaration of verification results:- (i) For Pass cases: Verification fees (for change of marks paper’s only) and examination fees (if already paid for the coming examination). (ii) For change of marks: Verification fees for change of marks paper’s only.
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